Temperature Control Warehousing

Our warehouses are equipped with temperature-controlled rooms to keep your sensitive products safe before they are shipped out to your customers. Temperature-controlled rooms are also capable of improving air quality within the room. This ensures that your products are being protected from excess dust and debris. You can have peace of mind knowing your products will be clean and well maintained before being sent to your customers. 


We specialize in climate
controlled warehousing
  • Cosmetics

  • Skin care products

  • Moisturizers, and more.


We specialize in climate controlled warehousing for:

  • Supplements

  • Vitamins

  • Body building products

  • Gluten-free products

  • Herbal compounds

  • Health supplements/treatments for pets

  • Energy bars and more.

How do we save you money?

ShipBots management team will save your money by our impeccable shipping logistics management solutions. We handle the orders and returns management, customized reporting and more… 

  • Shipping prices 

  • Locations 

  • Rate shop 

Shipping data is available from carrier to help you ship smarter. Uncover and pinpoint shipments and carriers that adversely affect your shipping budget.

Why choose us over them?

We won’t tell you how to run your business. We will make suggestions for efficiency but never at the cost of your end goals. 

  • Clean, temperature controlled storage 

  • Cost effective solutions for packing and shipping

  • 24-hour online access to inventory and real time shipping information 

  • We are focused on helping your business grow and managing your day-to-day needs.