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Order fulfillment for eCommerce 

Same day shipping & dedicated attention


ShipBots integrates with your sales channels, allowing hassle-free shipping and fulfillment while you focus on scalable growth.  

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How our eCommerce fulfillment process works


1. Sync
Sync your store, import your products, then send us your inventory

2. Store
We store your inventory in any combination of our fulfillment centers

3. Ship 
We ship your orders as soon as they're placed from the nearest fulfillment center

Inventory management

With ShipBots' inventory portal, you get dynamic all-in-one access to manage your inventory. Track inventory levels across multiple sales channels, identify your best selling SKUs, blacklist old SKUs, receive low stock alerts, and more. ShipBots' inventory system will allow complete transparency and control of your inventory.


Our network of fulfillment warehouses is strategically located on both coasts to ensure the quickest turnaround at reduced cost. Split and manage your inventory across our fulfillment centers and we’ll select the location that maximizes efficiency and affordability.

Warehouse Locations

Shipping Discounts

Shipping costs are the #1 reason for shopping cart abandonment. If you want to compete in the eCommerce space, you’re going to need to have the best shipping rates possible.

Shipping Discounts

Shipping costs are the #1 reason for shopping cart abandonment. ShipBots' discounted shipping rates and automated management software ensures you gain a competitive advantage in the eCommerce space.


Customer Support


At ShipBots, we prioritize not only your needs but also your customers' needs. We offer timely, thorough fulfillment center support and quality control with dedicated specialists who will address any issue while upholding your brand's reputation. All of our employees are located within our warehouses, so we can guarantee immediate responsiveness.

Some of our clients


...and many more!

Customer Reviews


"I had the best experience using ShipBots as my distribution center.


Don't think twice about using them, their prices are fair. It's a family-owned business, but logistically larger than most other distribution centers out there."

-Darius Somekhian

"ShipBots is amazing!

The owners are highly knowledgeable in the fulfillment space and helped us set up our shipping solution seamlessly.


We were able to focus on driving sales and scaling our activewear business quickly while they managed our shipping and logistics. They are the best in the business!"



Great company to work with as a shipping and logistics partner! They offer amazing service and great value

Our shipping problems have gone away. They handle everything for our logistics team." 

-Ron Emrani


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