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Order Fulfillment


Subscription Box









Large Bin Dimensions:
16" x 14" x 18" or 2.3 ft3


Large Bin



Shelf  Dimensions:
16" x 20" x 24" or 4.4 ft3





Pallet Dimensions:
40" x 48" x 55" or 61 ft3





Warehouse Storage Pricing

We’ve strategically designed our warehousing and inventory system to assign SKUs to storage locations
according to size, quantity, and turnover rate. The result is reduced warehousing costs for you.

Each product SKU will need its own unique warehouse location to pick items accurately.

ShipBots receives heavily discounted shipping rates with every major carrier, and the best part is that we pass these discounts on to you and your customers


Shipping Options

Each ShipBots customer will have access to a dedicated team member to answer any questions or concerns regarding your account and orders


Dedicated Customer

As an additional layer of quality control, we take photos of all new SKUs upon receiving so we have a visual reference of the items we're picking and you're managing in our software



Receiving Photos

Your dedicated team member will help you find the best and most cost-effective way to deliver your product to ShipBots facility most likely through Air freight, Ocean Freight, or DHL Express  



Included (at no cost) within your warehousing services

Our software syncs with your online shopping carts and marketplaces to track inventory levels, so you can forecast when ou need to reorder more inventory


Management Software

We ship to 180+ countries, so international orders are treated the same as domestic orders. You sell, we ship. No ridiculous additional cost. 


Order Processing
and Preparation

On the rare occasion that a shipment gets lost, damaged, or misdelivered we'll help you file a claim with the carrier


Claims Management

All orders with a US address are verified to ensure they are "deliverable" as determined by the USPS. Our system will  provide warning and errors if critical address information is missing. 


Address Validation


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Frequently asked questions

Can I provide my own custom packaging?

Absolutely! We know how important building your brand is and custom packaging is an amazing opportunity that can greatly enhance your customer’s perception of your product and brand.
Custom boxes will be billed as an additional item for each order.

What are batches?

When fulfilling subscription boxes or crowdfunding orders, we set up an assembly line to kit “batches” of orders.
A batch is a unique set of orders that have exactly the same combination of items in them.
In order for the assembly line to be effective, there needs to be at least 50 orders in each batch. If not, there is a $15 batching fee to compensate for the lack of orders in each batch.

Do you offer gift messages and how much does it cost?

Yes! ShipBots has gift message options that allow you to easily include messages and bestow "gift status" to any order.

Here are the 3 options to choose from:

1) Include gift message on the Packing Slip. (Free)

2) Include gift message on a blank 4x6 card provided by ShipBots ($1)

3) Include gift message on a custom 4x6 card, provided by you. ($0.80 + insert pick fee)

*Gift messaging needs to be supported by your shopping cart.

Do you charge for receiving inventory?

No we offer free receiving for our customers if they follow carefully prepared guidelines created by our team. We are always here to make things easier, so we will help you prepare your shipment to comply with our receiving guidelines.

Can you handle fragile products? Does it cost extra?

We will examine your products and suggest custom packaging based on on your specific needs. If you have pre-exsiting requirements, just let us know and we'll accomodate those as well. We do charge an additional $.50/item for bubble pouches or other fragile packaging.

What is the Minimum Pick and Pack Fee?

To justify the amount of time and energy we put into each project, we have a monthly minimum pick and pack fee of $250. If you don’t reach this minimum with your picking fees, we will add the rest to your monthly invoice. Let’s say your picking fees are $160, and the minimum is $250. That means you would have to pay the $90 difference.
We don’t do this to put pressure on you, but it’s a fair assurance that your projections are honest. Your minimum monthly fee equals the storage charges per month.

Do you offer storage insurance?

When you store your inventory with us, you have two options to insure your product:

1) You add our location to your insurance policy

2) You choose to waive inventory insurance

Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the setup of your business and the value of your product, you can decide which option is best for your business.

What qualifies as a "special project?"

A special project is a non-standard task that can still include everything from kitting & assembly to labeling or inventory reconciliation. All special projects should be submitted to your customer service rep, so they can define the scope and provide a quote for the project prior to execution.