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2022 Logistics and Fulfillment Trends

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Each year the fast-paced evolution of technology requires businesses to conduct an assessment of their eCommerce fulfillment practices, re-evaluate the relevancy of their processes, remove redundant and avoidable tasks, and catch up with the newly emerging trends. The pandemic, however, has accelerated some developments leading entrepreneurs to become increasingly conscious about determining and adopting more ways to secure long-lasting customer relationships. In this article, we will discuss the most important and effective trends in eCommerce logistics in the year 2022, that you need to check on your eCommerce fulfillment checklist.

Top Logistics and Fulfillment Trends in 2022

Companies dealing in retail logistics and offering order fulfillment services will need to keep up with some important trends to stay relevant and on the top of their game in 2022. Here are the top 7 trends that will bring your business back on the right track even after being affected by the pandemic, and will help you secure a competitive edge in the market:

  1. Focusing on supply chain localization
  2. Tackling truck driver shortage
  3. Enhancing supply chain efficiency via automation
  4. Real-time tracking of warehouse operations
  5. Data-driven demand forecasting for peak shopping season preparation
  6. Collaborating with multiple logistics partners
  7. Emphasizing sustainable practices

Focusing on Supply Chain Localization

Meeting the ever-rising expectations of the customers require more than just optimizing the supply chain processes, it calls for businesses to offer faster order deliveries for competitive pricing. Same-day deliveries have become a normal offering and making that a routine practice for your business requires considerable planning and action. However, this offering has become a necessity to stay in the competition, as the customers can simply move on to your competitor that promises faster fulfillment. Therefore in 2022, businesses need to focus on localizing their supply chains and fulfill orders from urban fulfillment centers or the nearest stores to offer fast and effective deliveries.

Tackling Truck Driver Shortage

Trucking drivers are of utmost importance for businesses, as without them, the raw materials and finished goods cannot be transported and operations suffer. Most trucking companies lack the funds to offer incentives to existing drivers and to invest in expanding, which makes it important for businesses to find new ways to retain drivers and encourage them to opt for last-mile delivery solutions. Only by tackling the shortage of truck drivers and offering them essential incentives can we ensure thoroughly enhanced dock-to-stock efficiency.

Enhancing Supply Chain Efficiency via Automation

Manual processes aren’t working out well for businesses looking for greater efficiency and productivity. Implementing automation will help organizations to speed up operations, always offer enhanced visibility of processes, and cut down on labor costs. Businesses today require digital warehouses for 3PL Fulfillment that provide integrated data and real-time analytics. However, while implementing the digital inventory approach, it is essential to choose a system that meets the needs of key decision-makers in the company and also offers the best possible customer experience.

Real-time Tracking of Warehouse Operations

These are the ages of easy access to data anytime, and customers expect to be able to access information regarding their order status at any stage of the process. Implementing robust warehouse management systems enable businesses to monitor the storage and performance of the different SKUs, keep tabs on the stock levels, order status, and efficiently handle returns management, while customers can use automated solutions to get real-time updates regarding their order deliveries.

Data-driven Demand Forecasting for Peak Shopping Season Preparation

The instinct for preparing your store for the peak season is to get enough stock to handle the potentially increased customer demand; however, how do you know what amount is enough and when it becomes too much? In recent years, businesses have turned to artificial intelligence (AI) to study historic trends in sales and forecast customer demand based on data. This enables businesses to better prepare for the peak holiday shopping season or planned supply chain disruption, as is the case with Chinese New Year, and not be at the risk of stockouts.

Collaborating with Multiple Logistics Partners

Managing 3PL partnerships with multiple logistics partners is an important supply chain trend you need to hop on if not already. It provides businesses a backup for risk management, greater flexibility in the delivery process, and allows streamlined supply chain operations that better meet customer expectations. Automating order allocation to shipping fleets allows cost reduction and faster order fulfillment as well.

Emphasizing Sustainable Practices

The world is in need of greener practices. Retail supply chains produce tons of carbon emissions while shipping the ever-increasing amount of eCommerce fulfillment orders. Consumers are more aware of environmental sustainability than ever before, urging businesses to focus their efforts on opting for sustainable practices and reducing their carbon emissions. Periodic warehouse inspections to check whether in-house operations comply with sustainable regulations and implementing eco-friendly shipping solutions are a vital trend in 2022, that we expect will stay relevant well beyond this year.

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