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3 Top eCommerce Selling Tips

You are currently viewing 3 Top eCommerce Selling Tips

1. Should I ship my own products?

Sorry to break it to you but wrong! Packaging is almost an art form and requires thought before it is even started. Picking the right package and packing materials can turn a customer experience into either a great one or a terrible one. You want to make sure they receive the item and know that you cared about it getting to them safely.

2. Order Fulfillment and tracking

You definitely can trust your carriers to do the best they can but nobody’s perfect. Most of the time your item will get to the client seamlessly, after all, carriers don’t stay in business if they fail more than they succeed, but packages get lost and addresses get entered incorrectly. Put a system in place to deal with this and make sure you understand the tracking methods of the package. Make sure you can solve the problem at the same time that you are investigating what happened. Quick resolution is another major part of the customer experience.

3. Returns management

Again this is so wrong! If you are running an eCommerce business you have a return process in place. An item being delivered is part of the process, but the customer is still your customer until the return policy has passed. There is a theme to everything we have discussed today and that is customer experience. Return process is also a part of this and it needs to be painless. Don’t make it a low priority because that means the sale fell through, this client may be returning in order to make a different purchase or they will come back and be a great customer because you treated them great.

At our eCommerce fulfillment center we understand that customer experience is key to a successful business. Let us help you with shipping, packing and making your refund process seamless. Did we mention we also have ways to help you get great rates on shipping. Contact us and lets see how we can help.