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Understanding Omnichannel Order Management

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Omnichannel order management is the process of picking, packing, and shipping orders across multiple sales channels. In this strategy, businesses fulfill and deliver the customer’s orders regardless of which channel the order has been placed. With the explosive growth of the eCommerce industry, effective omnichannel order management is required by every eCommerce business to stay competitive in the market. Omnichannel order management works by carefully allocating the inventory levels across multiple stores, warehouses, or locations to avoid overstocking and understocking in one particular location.

Difference between Omnichannel & Multichannel Fulfillment

In multichannel fulfillment when a customer places an order from a particular sales channel it is fulfilled and delivered from the same channel to the end customer. Whereas in the omnichannel it can be fulfilled from the nearest possible location of the customer if the inventory is available there. This significantly reduces the delivery time and ultimately results in a better customer experience.

The order flow in an omnichannel eCommerce fulfillment is not linear. It allows the order to move from store to customer, warehouse to customer, store to store, warehouse to store and customer to warehouse, etc.

Benefits of Omnichannel Order Management

The omnichannel fulfillment strategy provides customers with a variety of options to decide how, when, and where to buy a product. This provides businesses better exposure and higher sales volume across multiple channels.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Customers these days want quick & immediate delivery, and omnichannel fulfillment ensures faster options whether it’s home delivery or store pick up. Effective order management helps in streamlining the returns and makes the whole process frictionless.

Accurate Reporting

It helps in tracking the real-time inventory data across all the locations to avoid the under and overstocking of the inventory. Using a third-party logistics or 3PL company gives access to multiple locations in order to ensure a faster delivery to the end customers. Through omnichannel fulfillment and order management, you can track the performance and inventory outflow of each channel which helps you focus more on the best performing sales channel of your business.

Streamlining the Sales Channels

The omnichannel strategy helps you to synchronize and streamline the fulfillment process across multiple channels. An effective omnichannel order management system helps improve the efficiency and accuracy of the delivery process.

Improved Brand Experience

Selling your products on sales platforms provides opportunities to provide a consistent brand experience and products to multiple demographics and a wide range of customers. It increases brand visibility and awareness among the customers.

Increased Sales

Selling through multiple platforms and using omnichannel order management helps in increased sales and revenue for the business.

Omnichannel Order Management and 3PL Fulfillment

If you are using an omnichannel sales strategy you would need a 3PL company to execute the omnichannel fulfillment

A 3PL company works on the very principles of the omnichannel strategy to ensure the maximum coverage and distribution of your product across the market. It helps you in scaling your business without the heavy and upfront capital investments.

Below are some of the ways a 3PL fulfillment partner helps your business using an omnichannel sales and fulfillment strategy.

Breaking down the inventory across multiple locations

Some 3PL companies have warehouses across multiple locations. ShipBots has a network of fulfillment warehouses strategically located on both coasts to ensure the quickest turnaround time. You can distribute your inventory across multiple locations in order to ensure affordable and quick fulfillment across the country. You can also track the real-time inventory levels in multiple locations and plan your inventory and SKU quantities according to the sales volume of the particular region. Our sophisticated technology and platforms help you to make a better inventory forecast according to the sales trends, volume, and seasonality.

Real-time omnichannel order management system

Our real-time customized order management system with powerful pre-built integrations allows you to see the SKUs count and order status in real-time. The centralized system allows you to fulfill the order from the nearest possible location. It also helps in processing the customer returns and synchronizing the inventory levels automatically.

Intelligent inventory management

The ShipBots inventory management system works intelligently to automatically update inventory across all of your channels. Using the omnichannel strategy, if a customer buys a product through one sales channel it automatically updates the inventory level in all other inventory channels. This helps in maintaining a safe level of inventory across all channels and also makes the reverse logistics process seamless.

Besides the above-mentioned advantages, ShipBots provide integrations with all the major eCommerce platforms to ensure an effective omnichannel fulfillment. ShipBots also works with major shipping companies across the country to provide the most affordable and discounted shipping charges. Our solution is capable of handling the orders of any volume with enterprise-grade security to protect your data and privacy. Ready to take your business omnichannel? Contact our omnichannel fulfillment expert today to get a custom omnichannel fulfillment quote.