Issues with Shipping Beauty and Health Products and How to Fix Them

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As technology grows around us, accessibility is the one thing that has made the lives of consumers all around the globe easier. This has been proven multi-fold since the pandemic hit. Whether it be clothing, medicine, or groceries, there is nothing that a direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand hasn’t taken over. Health and beauty products are no exception.

The health, beauty, and wellness industry has been booming worldwide with an ever-growing list of DTC brands. According to studies, more than 53% of the US population is likely to shift entirely to health and beauty products from DTC brands. It has become of the fastest-growing markets in the world of eCommerce.

However, a spike in the success of any industry is accompanied by its fair share of challenges and tribulations, and the same holds for the beauty and wellness industry.

Challenges Associated With Shipping Beauty and Health Products

Whatever the product may be, shipping can become a daunting task if not done properly. As is the case with every other industry, the issues that the cosmetics supply chain faces are numerous. Some of those challenges are listed below.

Risk of Spoilage

Beauty and cosmetic products contain a lot of ingredients, both organic and inorganic. Even though we cannot satisfy the storage and maintenance conditions for all of them, these things should be taken into consideration. Some organic cosmetic products even change color while shipping due to temperature and climate differences. Cosmetics and other wellness products come with a risk of spoilage. Though it is not as pressing as it is with products that require immediate consumption, we cannot deny the fact that there is a risk. As a result, the shelf life of these products is questionable. Cosmetics come in different forms, so it is crucial to keep them at the right temperature to ensure they don’t damage.

Availability of Storage

If you are an eCommerce business with multiple brands under your belt, you will have various products coming in from different locations or even countries. When you have products across various locations, you must have an efficient system for inventory management. A centrally located warehouse or warehouses in a different location for easier access would be one way to solve this. Even established eCommerce businesses sometimes struggle having their own warehouses and fulfillment centers, which is why it’s better to partner with a 3PL fulfillment provider with multiple warehouses across the globe or wherever your target customers are located.

Safe and Secure Packaging

When it comes to selling anything related to beauty, its aesthetics is essential. With health and self-care products, packaging is one of the critical factors of order fulfillment. It creates a first impression that is hard to break. So, you must get it right. You cannot afford for them to arrive dusty and damaged. Also, more often than not, beauty products come in delicate containers. They are easy to break and make for fragile shipments. So the packaging needs to be very secure with protective dunnage to avoid any accidents.

Speed and Reliability

Trends drive the cosmetic industry. Keeping up with your consumer’s tastes is of utmost priority. Following that, the products in trend today needed to reach your customers yesterday! A quick and efficient supply chain will ensure this happens without any disruptions. With the right demand forecasting, you would be able to tell how to ensure a fast and safe delivery for the beauty products.

Vast Range of Shipping Destinations

Whether an individual customer is ordering a single product or you have just received a bulk order to be shipped internationally, you need always to be prepared. In addition to this, you also need to be aware of any limitations that come with international shipping, like certification requirements, bans, safety requirements etc. Some of the shipping carriers have specifications when it comes to health and beauty products too.

Methods to Improve Your Cosmetic Supply Chain

Inventory Distribution

Split your products across various locations or eCommerce fulfillment centers to keep your inventory closer to your customers. This will avoid transit costs you might incur and ensure your products are delivered quickly to your customers.

Customer Retention